Altisol Insulation is a reliable partner for greenhouse insulation.

Insulation mattresses provide thermal and acoustic comfort to the users of a building. These products are energy efficient and meet all safety requirements.
Altisol Insulation supplies a wide range of insulation materials that meet all the requirements of the local fire brigade.
Materials supplied by us for the cold insulation are of industrial quality and are used in Breweries and the soft drinks industry, among others.
Is used in industrial refrigeration technology, chemical, petrochemical and process industries. Furthermore, in shipping, offshore, gas extraction and OEM.
By applying the noise reduction enclosures we limit the noise level of the machines causing a nuisance to a minimum.


Altisol Insulation is a supplier of insulation materials and specialist in the field of insulation projects for industry and commercial construction.

Due to the broad international practical experience and a carefully constructed network, we are able to provide
you with the necessary information and advice on all your questions in the field of Insulation and safety materials.

Our experts manufacture the required prefab in our own workshop.
The insulation materials are installed professionally on the job.

Various insulation and finishing materials can be supplied from our own stock.

Through internationally combined procurement at different isothermal companies we are able to offer the required insulation materials at a very attractive price.